Direct forex signals (DFS)

Direct forex signals (DFS)


Direct forex signals is a Manchester based Forex Trading Company. They discover market leading forex signals and share with the customers. They are experts in Forex Currency Trading and understanding the markets.

They have been providing signals, training and support globally for over 8 years through various training programmes and membership services. They believe that not only the theoretical teachings but the practical application of strategies are what helps individuals learn and develop as independent traders.


Initially, the client sends the signals to their customer through WhatsApp. At that point of time, WhatsApp allows only 256 members in a group. So the client wants to switch the platform for better exposure.

Therefore he determines to develop a dedicated Mobile Application. In the meantime, ACS suggested telegram integration with woocommerce. However, the client was keen to have a Mobile application for his customers. We have developed an application in React Native called “Applozic”.

Soon after a year, the client opt telegram integration since most of his customers prefered telegram group.


Applogic Approach:

  • We have developed LMS platform for DFS using learndash plugin
  • Firebase Integration in Applozic application Development
  • Allocating group for Applozic users with hide functionality and check the messages through API
  • Admin Dashboard to send the message signals
  • Subscriber Validation – Add, Remove user from the group
  • Design as per the client requirement

Telegram Approach:

The team has found a Telegram approved script called Madelineproto script and integrated the Telegram with the Woo commerce. The following are the tasks involved.

  • Madeline Proto Script customization
  • Add / Remove Woocommerce subscribers
  • Cron Job – Active user Validation on daily basis
  • Renew subscription functionality
  • Message posting functionality for Admin

Finally, we have come up with a dedicated application “Applozic” which improves the customer experience.

Moreover, we have integrated the telegram for better exposure to send out the signals. This rapidly increases the user experience of the client which leads to boost his productivity.