Peepsride enables organisations with providing an on-demand transport service to help people with disabilities and the elderly to get outdoors more often. They approach Agile Cyber Solutions to build a Web Application to manage all the transportation services for their members on the PeepsRide platform. Organisations should be able to drive and schedule rides for their members and customers.

  • To enable people with mobility
  • To provide an on-demand transport service to the most vulnerable people
  • To make the disabled people access the website
  • To help an organization to manage transport service.
  • We build a website using WordPress with 4 pages (Home, FAQ, Peeps Corner, About US)
  • Accessibility testing to ensure the desired quality of the site
  • We have integrated Intercom, Cookie Pro and Sucuri plugins in the site
  • Responsive testing is to ensure compatibility with various devices.

We have successfully delivered a highly compatible WordPress website which helps to manage the transport service for disabled people within an organization. We have used various plugins to implement the required site. Moreover, we make sure that the site is user friendly and it maintains the desired quality by performing accessibility testing.