Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding our services and responses, however for more details please contact us using the contact form provided on every page, and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the areas in which you work?

We have many experts in ASP.Net, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Android and PhoneGap development platforms.  In terms of front end skills, we work using CSS3, SASS, AngularJS, Jquery and HTML5 standards.  We also execute standalone test projects and provide project management support to projects executed with other development companies.  In terms of industries we have expertise in working with education, enterprise portals, ecommerce and we handle outsourced product development for many of our clients.

How quickly can you start working in a project?

It depends on the skill sets and availability at the time, however most of the times we are able to start large projects within a couple of weeks and smaller ones in a matter of days.

What are your typical rates?

This is a question we will not be able to provide you a definite answer, however in terms of our cost our business model revolves around bringing together the most economical costs and combine them with world class quality, more details are available on both costs and our business model and how it works

What are your payment terms?

Most of our projects work on a phased manner and for each phase we split the payment into three parts, first part as advance, second on delivery of the product and third on going live / sign off.

Can you guarantee time-bound completion of work?

Yes, once a timeline is agreed after signing on a project, we are willing to sign Service Level Agreements that would assure time bound results.

We are worried about quality, how do you assure results?

We can provide testing as a separate service whereby the QA team would directly interact with you and provide detailed test results, however internally we have put in place processes to ensure that developers adopt stringent coding standards and requirements are thoroughly tested prior to delivery.

How do you ensure that we are informed of project progress?

We have an exclusive support portal, this allows direct interaction with developers, we also provide constant updates on work progress on all communication channels like email, skype and other platforms available for the specific clients

We like the idea, but are unsure.  Can we test your services?

Yes, certainly, we are willing to provide a no-risk guarantee on the pilot project