Low Hanging Fruits in Productivity Using Gen AI

Low hanging Fruits in Productivity using Gen AI

29 Sep 2023, by Product Development Team

The promise of generative AI to transform workflows is driving more organizations to explore its applications. However, embarking on an enterprise-wide AI implementation can seem daunting. The key is to start small by targeting some low-hanging fruit opportunities.

Think of low-hanging fruit as the relatively simple, high-impact changes you can make in focused areas to yield quick productivity wins. These quick wins generate momentum, learnings, and proof points that pave the way for large-scale AI adoption.

Here are some potential quick wins with generative AI

Turn ideas into enterprise-ready workflows

With the power of AI, turning ideas into enterprise-ready workflows has become more efficient and streamlined. By simply providing your ideas and goals to an AI system, it can analyze and comprehend the concepts, and generate a comprehensive step-by-step flowchart for transforming those ideas into reality. Example: Pega

Curate Content

Content curation is made easier with the advent of AI technology. Using advanced algorithms, AI can sift through vast amounts of data from various sources to curate relevant, high-quality content. It automatically aggregates information, filters it based on relevance and popularity, and generates metadata to improve searchability. Example: Feedly, Buzzsumo

Content Generators

Content generation powered by AI is a game-changer. AI algorithms can quickly analyze data, spot trends, and create high-quality content across various domains. This technology is invaluable for businesses, offering time efficiency and improved content quality. It enables personalized content at scale, ensuring effective engagement with target audiences in the dynamic digital realm. Example: Copy.ai, Writesonic, Jasper

Video and Podcasts

Gen AI's capabilities extend beyond text-based content generation. With its AI voice synthesis, it empowers users to create compelling podcasts with lifelike voiceovers, catering to diverse niches and preferences. Additionally, the integration of AI-powered green screen technology enhances video production, enabling seamless background replacement and customization, all at the user's fingertips. Example: Descript

Generate Image from Text

Gen AI simplifies the process of converting text into images. With just a few clicks, you can transform plain text into visually engaging graphics, infographics, or social media posts. This intuitive feature enhances your content's visual appeal and impact. Example: Midjourneyai, Freepik

Image enhancement

Image enhancement with AI involves using advanced algorithms to improve the quality, clarity, and overall visual appeal of images. Whether it's reducing noise, enhancing colors, or refining details, AI-powered tools can effortlessly elevate the quality of your images. This technology ensures that your visuals are always at their best, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Example: Viesus, Remini

Meeting notes

Taking meeting notes becomes a breeze with Gen AI. Its sophisticated text generation capabilities allow you to capture crucial discussions, action items, and highlights in real time. Moreover, an AI-powered bot can join your virtual meetings, ensuring seamless coordination and comprehensive note-taking. This dynamic duo enhances productivity by transforming spoken words into actionable insights, enabling teams to stay aligned and focused. Example: Otter

Story writing and Quiz generators

Gen AI empowers creative minds with its story-writing and quiz-generation capabilities. Crafting captivating narratives or designing interactive quizzes is made effortless. What's more, Gen AI offers customizable templates that guide you step by step, ensuring your stories or quizzes are structured and engaging. Example: Piggy

Recruitment and Hiring process

AI is revolutionizing recruitment by automating and optimizing various stages of the hiring process. It simplifies candidate sourcing and screening, saving time and resources. AI-driven assessments ensure better talent matching, and predictive analytics assist in making informed hiring decisions. In this tech-driven era, AI empowers recruiters to find the right candidates faster and with greater accuracy. Example: Seekout, Zappyhire


Harnessing Gen AI's capabilities, coding becomes a seamless experience. As you work on your code, Gen AI meticulously examines your codebase, docstrings, and comments. It engages with you, providing astute recommendations for tests. AI also helps in incorporating tests into your code. This collaborative coding experience elevates code quality and streamlines development, making it an indispensable asset for programmers. Examples: Tabnine, Codium


In conclusion, harnessing the power of Gen AI to identify and leverage low-hanging fruits in productivity is a game-changer for organizations. As we journey into an increasingly AI-driven future, seizing these productivity gains is not just an option; it's a strategic imperative for organizations looking to thrive and remain competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology.

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