As a services company we have been successfully providing the following services to clients all over the world for little over a three years now

E-commerce Design and Development

With implementations on live ecommerce portals using Magento and WooCommerce across four continents, we have proved our capabilities in terms of business understanding and technical expertise in e-commerce design and development. Our Experience allows us to create the perfect blend of ease of user experience and great functionality which will not just allow you to get your on-line store up and running quick, but also ensure that you have the full feature set of any modern ecommerce store to manage and grow your business effectively. For the record we can create a simple e-commerce website packed with features in a matter of hours including payment gateway integration, basic shipping module setup and your own list of products and categories. We can also offer integration with any other organisations such as shipping providers and vendors to ensure that your operations are smooth and seamless. Talk to us now to find out how.

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WordPress Design and Development

Content Management Systems have taken over the internet long time ago, an interesting statistic is that a significant percentage of websites created on the internet use WordPress (the actual percentage varies from 20% to as high as 40% in some of the studies), the simplicity of maintenance and ability to extend features using open source plug-ins allows WordPress to dominate this market. We provide complete website services using WordPress starting from theme design to development, implementation and maintenance of WordPress websites. We also pride ourselves for creating extremely complex custom plugins that are necessary to achieve business critical functionality and integrate them into wordpress for clients in various industries.

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.net based Development

.net based web development is a preferred choice for large enterprise portals and small clients alike. Our experience dealing with creating and maintaining some of the largest portals with over 40 million visitors a month makes us a preferred development partner for many clients. We also offer software development services using .net for product and portal based businesses.

Mobile Application Design and Development

Native mobile application development is a service we have perfected over the years, with large enterprise applications we have developed extremely valuable insights into the nuances of complex systems and scalability. Our mobile applications design team has almost developed to a point where we can offer design as an independent service. Talk to us now to learn more about our Mobile development capabilities

Digital Marketing

Gone are those days when SEO used to be the lone trick to Market your website. With years of experience we have also learnt that creating a social media page alone isn’t the only other service you may need. Creating digital content that is of interest to your audience, ensuring the right external tools are used, video, infographics and targeted social media campaigns are all part of what we offer within the limits of our digital marketing services.

Windows and Linux based hosting

We offer hosting to all our clients, our servers are all based in UK and we can provide 99% uptime guarantee for our services, however due to our focus on development we do not offer hosting services as a standalone service.