Flutter, a simple and open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) with Dart as an object-oriented Programming language used to develop high-performing Android and iOS applications with a single codebase. It is quite more comfortable and quicker to make any changes in Flutter codebase because of its hot reload feature which reflects instant changes within milliseconds. This helps the developers building highly customized and attractive app solutions in lesser time even without compromising in performance.

Developers and businesses are warming up to the idea of Flutter as the first choice of developing apps since we realize the day of ultimate competition is near. We at ACS, aim at assisting you in indulging your customers with user-friendly, high performing, functional & mesmerizing apps.

    Our Experience

    Vissco is one of India's leading and oldest manufacturers of orthopedic and mobility aids who were in need of an application that could bring companies and customers together. Salesfeel is one such customer relationship management solution.

    SalesFeel is an enterprise Sales Automation Platform built on the premise that your sales data should not be hard to get. More than the data, you should have a feel for your sales efforts without having to analyse volumes of data. It's an application that amplifies your Sales with AI-enabled technology. Sell more with the right technology to help your field sales teams and the right analysis for managers.

    Find below the SalesFeel application that we have developed using Flutter https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.salesfeel.vissco&hl=en

      iPad Application:

      This iPad application helps the warehouse team to communicate with their front office team about the caravan and motorhomes packing journey right from packing the vehicle into the container to the customer's vehicle delivery. Also, it provides visibility to customers regarding their vehicle at any stage. It has both online & offline synchronization. We have made the offline synchronization under 10 seconds. This application makes the whole team work with an automatic process. We did the iPad app in a flutter framework and dart as a programming language.

        What We Offer

        • Customized Flutter Applications
        • Cross-platform development with IOS/Android
        • Enterprise application with deployment
        • Mobile E-commerce
        • Flutter Dart App development
        • SaaS-based extensible applications
        • Custom components development
        • Chat Applications
        • Online Video streaming Apps
        • Web Applications

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