PHP frameworks

PHP which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely used object-oriented scripting language, used to develop websites. It can be used to develop interactive and dynamic web applications. A business’ website is what acts as a bridge between the customer and you, the business owner. Hence, it’s only fitting to use the most in-demand scripting language for building your website. More than half of the websites that we come across, use PHP in one way or another. Many of the popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, WordPress, etc. have all been developed in PHP.


Laravel is another PHP framework that helps turn the complex process of Web Development simpler and in turn making it less time-consuming. Laravel offers an impressive and elegant Syntax that would help make your web application have a more distinct and creative look. We can develop amazing Web Applications for you, our client, with high maintainability and robust features by utilizing the best PHP web application framework. Our service has the prime goal to satisfy our clients through implementing their expectations. Implementing your expectations is our primary goal and this level of satisfaction can be achieved with the help of Laravel.

    Yes it is

    Yii2, a generic Web programming framework which can be used for developing all kinds of Web applications using PHP. Because of its component-based architecture and sophisticated caching support, it is especially suitable for developing large-scale applications such as portals, forums, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce projects, RESTful Web services, and so on. It enables maximum reusability in Web programming and can significantly accelerate your Web application development process.


      FuelPHP is a fast, flexible, full-stack PHP framework first released in 2011. It consumes less time and memory to build as FuelPHP does not need to duplicate to show on multiple pages. We can build end-to-end web solutions that are diverse in size and complexities that will suit all your needs. It extends its security approach beyond ordinary security measures, making it a great option if security is crucial for your project. Because FuelPHP is relatively new, it offers less support and may present a steeper learning curve. However, we at ACS have become well versed in handling Fuel PHP and hence, there is no reason for you to worry.

        Our Experience

        One of our most prestigious clients who are doing shipping services globally over 1000 origins and destinations for the past four decades. Their customer service teams and technology gives you complete visibility and control of your supply chain.

        They were in need of an online platform available on all devices, containing all the information, communication and documentation associated with each movement. Live Tracking to let the customers track all their supply chain participants in real-time, with a customizable dashboard.

        Using Yii2, one such platform was developed with a customizable dashboard to drill down, filter, and to aggregate data, and uncover trends in performance. It helps Importers and Exporters to streamline supply chain operations, simplify the shipping process and increase logistical efficiency.

          What We Offer

          • Web applications and APIs
          • Analyzing Results and Graphical representation
          • Yii2 RESTful API with OAuth2
          • Yii2 RBAC Management
          • Full-fledged data grid including filters
          • Dynamic form handling
          • QR code implementation
          • Third-party Widgets

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