React JS

React is a tool built and maintained by Facebook, that helps build interactive User Interface (UI) components in websites. React is the most loved framework for frontend web development. More than 200,000 live websites are using React today. Industry giants like Netflix, Paypal, Apple, etc. also use React. With the help of React, we can develop scalable and simple web applications that can reach your hands quicker. When you want to create large web applications that can change data without reloading the page, React is the way to go. It enables you to create reusable UI components that present data that changes over time. Due to its fast rendering, the page load time is also reduced which helps businesses. 

    Our Experience

    Vocaleyes is a UK based dedicated forum for organizations (School, College and Universities) that helps turn ideas into Action. They are one among Prime Minister’s Revolutionary Award Nominees under the ‘The One to Watch’ category. This forum enables authentic conversations and helps turn an idea into much more with the help of communities that share and debate over the idea and ultimately aid turn that idea into an actionable plan. Through this forum, the user can also crowdsource funds for the development of their project. With the help of Vocaleyes, more than 9000 ideas have been suggested that has resulted in more than 700 tangible outcomes. This full-fledged platform was revamped by ACS in PHP with MVC Architecture and React JS for the frontend. We have also developed a mobile application that has been integrated with the backend platform.

      What We Offer

      • Custom interactive UI / UX Development
      • Custom Web Development
      • Enterprise Development
      • eCommerce Development
      • App Integration and Migration
      • Custom Plugin Development

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